• 01. Attest
  • Freelance Design & Creative Direction
  • 2015—2018

Working as an independent designer, over 2.5 years I designed the first and second versions of a consumer insight ecosystem from scratch, that helped Attest raise a $3.1M Series A round.

Clients included: Twitter, Samsung, Deliveroo, Treatwell, Unilever, Fever Tree, Aviva, M&C Saatchi and Nutmeg.

User Interface Design, User Experience, Product Strategy, Product Management, Design Leadership, Creative Direction, Prototyping and Frontend Development.

Attest is a powerful consumer intelligence platform. It helps businesses find answers to their burning questions. Send surveys to any audience and analyse results in real-time.

Drill down into results by demographic, see how specific people answered other questions in the survey.

Work RegionLondon64%Manchester21%Northamptonshire15%Women48%Men52%GenderAge010203040506070809099+2448See morePersonalWorkOtherCoreDemographicsFiltersIncrease Sample864/1000ShareExport

Research built around people. Consumers answer using smartphone and web applications in return for rewards. Survey lengths are limited to maximise engagement.

Design Language

A comprehensive atomic design system. Components are broken down into atoms, molecules and organisms.

The design language operates around a simple card principle. Questions are represented as cards.

Doesn’t ApplyNone of theseOtherAdd an answerAdd an answerAdd an answerAdd an answerAdd an answerAdd an answerAdd an answerSINGLE CHOICEEnter your question here…OtherNoneN/A

Cards connect together in horizontal rows. Add, rearrange, duplicate and delete them.

Complex conditional survey logic made simple and visual. Answers can be routed to other questions.

The dashboard designs feature over 150 states, journeys and interactions.

Brand & Identity

A powerful unifying identity. Inspired by science, data intelligence and triangulation.

Brand collateral — from identity, palette, personality and typography to decks and print materials.


In the summer of 2016, I began refreshing the respondent brand to create a friendlier look and feel.


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