Finding a new hairdresser can be an awkward experience. It takes time, effort, and a leap of faith. HAIRCVT was created to change that.

Find salons and hairdressers by price and location. Filter, search or discover your next hairdresser via the map.

View their portfolios and book the best hairdresser for you. Learn which products they've used to create the look.

Working closely with the founders — a talented pair of strategists — together we created a slick mobile experience.

Salon booking systems are notoriously fragmented. So we designed a unique time window interface. Select when you're free and receive your appointment.

All photography by Matthieu Joffres

Stylist App

The stylist app enabled hairdressers to upload photos of their work and create a portfolio. Only the best styles were featured on the website.

Hairdressers loved their digital portfolios. The feature was a very popular, key differentiator.


M.O.M growth for 1st 5 months


Stylists & Hairdressers


Submitted Hairstyles

Despite strong growth, very sadly HAIRCVT were unable to secure long term financial security. It was a pleasure to work with such a talented team.