Finding excellent documentaries takes time and effort. Towards the end of 2016, I launched Rocumentaries to try and solve that problem for other people.

An approachable modern brand, brought to life by a talented friend. The tape pays homage to the humble VHS cassette.

Motion by my amigo Animasean

Instant search — filter by genre and find something you love in seconds.

Each film is presented as a tile, packed with the most important stats. Watch now, or dive deeper for more information and similar titles.

Werner Herzog: Grizzly Man

Werner Herzog investigates the extraordinary life of Timothy Treadwell: a preservationist who spent thirteen summers, living amongst grizzly bears — unarmed...

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Subtle animations and microinteractions, from the branding to an animated favicon.

Inspired by Andreas Storm

A digest that delivers the best documentaries directly to your inbox (nearly) every week.

The roadmap is defined by demand.
Features prioritised according to analytics events triggered by real user interactions.

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